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Entry #4

Noticed something...

2013-01-28 00:38:22 by MeAndMyMuse

I've begun noticing that a lot of people are asking me for permission to use my music. I'm honestly not that popular nor do I aim to be. I'm simply realizing the tunes in my head and if someone likes the end-product, go ahead and use it for whatever you like. As I live a busy life, I am not always here to reply and give consent to everyone asking for permission about a song. If you do use one of my pieces for something, just let me know and send me a link so I can see how I helped. Make sure to give proper credit as well so people know where the stuff comes from. Simple as that. ;)


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2013-10-14 17:02:40

You are really amazing you have such wonderful melodies. And you composing is really good.

But I wonder why people ask this?

Because every artist can set the licensing terms.
Most music on Newgrounds is under a
So it's okay as long the artist will be credited, and you don't use it for any commercial projects.
If the artist doesn't want this kind of licensing, I'm sure he/she is able to change every single aspect of this license. So the people need to watch out for the terms of every specific song, they might want to use.

But it's really nice that you clarified that.
Excuse my poor English.

But I do not know if a composer uploads his/her own music, that this CC license will be set automatically by Newgrounds, so the composer has to watch out, or he/she will risk unpleasant misunderstandings for both sides.

I know if you are upload art you are able to change the licensing terms to your own desire.
So if you don't want that people might use one of your songs you should change the settings of the license.

But people have to watch out twice cause there are a lot of unauthorized remixes or even originals (mostly midi renders) on Newgrounds too.


2014-08-27 14:57:49

All your audio is gone forever. Thievery in the audio portal will NEVER be tolerated!